no more loneliness

west maple

imagine a sad lonely person, dosent have any friends, because they are all older than him,and they wont let him play
what if that was you?Thats why we need to start including other kids.It stinks to waste a recess playing all by yourself.Cant all grades play together NO how dumb is that!We need to make a rule that all grades can play together.First ,we need to create something bigger than a buddy bench,nobody ever uses it!Secondly we need to have more friends to get more people playing!So go out there and grab a new friend!So go up to a person and say hi
whats your name.Start a conversation ,and boom!Another reason is that we need to pass the ball, puck,and let other people have a turn .To wrap things up ,help me and everyone whos lonely by making a rule thaT EVERYONE CAN PLAY TOGETHER, and everyone gets INCLUDED please sign my petition!

Signatures:Eve,Victoria, Marla Bartoi, Lucy,davi,Ethan, Kristen,alex,luca,NOAH, Kaylin, Gretchen(Kaylin's mom),