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Lego must make boys equal to girls. Boys Lego is much harder then girls. girls are as smart as boys.
Logo must Change this problem here are some resins why.First this makes it seem that boys are better than girls. Second boys Lego sets have danger difficulty and . Girls Lego is stores, bakery's, and hot tubs ,and houses .Not adventure and explosions. third girls sets have been like this for a long time. how do you think that you can be unfar to girls. change this no mater what if you do not the people who sine this thing might not by your Lego.for new Lego for 2016 there are only 12 Lego sets for girls, in 2015 only 5. the only Lego for boys and girls is mixls and Lego city.if you agree with me sine this.
Victoria, Eve, Michelle Gersin, Lucy Gersin, Marla Bartoi Ava,alex, Ella,luca,Noah,Ethan, Jacki, Kaylin, Gretchen,